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Remco "Addams Family, Uncle Fester" Character Toy, 1964
Unused ORIGINAL Specimen!

Addams_Family_Fester.jpg (29412 bytes)

1964 - This is an awesome mint unused example. Not a single hint of wear anywhere . The box is as straight and perfect as the day it was made over 40 years ago . Hard to imagine surviving in this kind of shape after all these years. No litho splits or tears anywhere. One of the nicest boxed examples that you will ever find. its original price says 1.29

A real TREASURE!!  You could spend a lifetime looking for one of these, in this un-used condition, as though it was sitting on Woolworth's shelf for the past 40 years!!!



Addams_Family_Lurch.jpg (17577 bytes)

"Rare" original "Lurch" figure from the Television Series, The Addams Family. It is in Very Good Condition and measures 5 1/2" tall. Lurch has a rubber head and the body is vinyl. Marked on back, (see picture), "LURCH, The Addams Family, 1964 Filmways TV Prod. Inc  Excellent condition, to go with the Filmways "Fester" above.