"Lost in Space", 1966
Original Robot from Remco
with original box, instructions and even original price tag!

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The Robot is complete with all of the original parts, in excellent condition, and I purchased from the original owner. He includes a letter describing the history of this treasure!. Some slight separation on his dome and warping of the base (these seem to be common problems). THERE ARE NO CRACKS OR BREAKS ON ANY EXTERIOR SURFACE.. The stickers on the sides of his base are in pretty good shape. His light blinks, and his motor runs!! . The original battery bar! (and a wooden one that I made for testing his operation) is included.

The instruction sheet is included, and is in very good condition. It's a bit wrinkled, but it has no tears. The box is also in excellent condition with only a minor crease in one of the top flaps, a slight bulge on one side panel, a crease on the back panel along one edge, a one inch by one inch water spot at the top of the back panel, and a one inch by one half inch tape mark in the center of the back panel. The graphic on the front is almost perfect except for a slight discoloration where the price tag used to be, at the top right corner (I still have the price tag and it is included with the robot, how RARE is that!). Also, if you want them, I will throw in 2 dead and ancient RayOVac "D" Cells that powered him once upon a time. The side, top and bottom panels are all a bit yellowed with age but this is to be expected with something this old. This is one of the nicest boxes I have seen offered. Study the photos carefully to judge condition.

In conclusion, you will be hard pressed to find a better speciman with all the original components as the day it was purchased over 35 years ago!!

A real gem!!!   $1500


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