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Muhammad Ali & Joe Louis
Original Fight Programs - early 1970's

Ali_Frazier_program_71.jpg (29903 bytes)

March 8th 1971 Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier (first fight) ORIGINAL On Site Boxing Program in EX+ condition.....Held at Madison Square Garden.... If you were old enough to remember this fight, you remember how magically exciting it was!!  Very RARE!



Ali_Wepner_program_1975.jpg (22363 bytes)

March 24th 1975 Muhammad Ali vs. Chuck Wepner. ORIGINAL On Site Boxing Program in VGEX condition.....Held in Cleveland......
Remember the massive publicity for this fight and how promoters and most everyone was worried about Wepner possibly bleeding too much..well he sure did!!  They coined him "The Bayonne Bleeder".

Very RARE!


Louis_Joe_program_1941.JPG (47331 bytes)




This is a rare and desirable JOE LOUIS - LOU NOVA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING PROGRAM 9-29-1941. Color boxing deco art cover by Lon Keller. Inside pictures, bios, stats, and records of contestants. Bout scorecard (Lenny "Boom Boom" Mancini - Ray's dad was on card in earlier bout).