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Rare Sport Autographs and Memorabilia !!

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This site is dedicated to the collector of vintage sports autographs, Movie Posters and RARE memorabilia.


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Baseball Autographs:  

Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig - Spectacular ORIGINAL Wire photos! MUST SEE!!

Joe DiMaggio
Beautiful 8x10 Signed color photo,  $100
Very unique signed in-person advertisement - SIGNED TWICE!
Vintage in-person signature form 1940's on an old autograph album page, $195. See Image
Signed Official American League Baseball,  $325
Official NY Yankees Baseball Cap, SIGNED in bold white. Awesome!!   $350 Now Only $250 !
Mickey Mantle
Nice 8x10 signed litho - $175
Mickey Mantle & Ted Williams - BOTH signed this great photo!!
Great 11x14 vintage photo of Mantle holding up home run #565 ball, Signed and he also added "565" on the ball, NICE!!   $495
Famous Richard Gallo "dugout photo"-- , 26x36" Signed in bold in middle, comes with original "Mickey Mantle Signing" ticket from Worcester, MA show in 1993.. This poster size photo has sold in Las Vegas for up to $2500.   Mint condition!  Great deal w/ticket for only $575!!
Famous Richard Gallo "dugout photo" of Mantle -Same as above but was mounted on poster board for display in store window. Comes with copy of ticket for "Signing event" in 1993..Could be removed. Near Mint condition!    $425
Ted Williams
8x10 color photo, Signed, Nice!!  $175
Williams & Mantle signed 8x10 photo.  Great dual signed item!! $395

Roger Maris

Sold out at this time.

Muhammad Ali & other vintage boxing treasures

Official Boxing Glove - SIGNED IN-PERSON, Official Everlast Boxing glove. Also signed by George Foreman. Look at how we have framed this!!  $795
Original Fight Posters - "The Rumble in the Jungle", 1974  and ""Thrilla in Manila", 1975
ORIGINAL Fight Programs from the 1970's AND  a Joe Louis program from 1941 - MUST SEE!!
ORIGINAL Vintage Boxing Tickets - Musts See!
MUST SEE!  Large 16x20 B/W photo of the "Greatest" & the Beatles in the ring!! Signed as "Muhammid Ali aka Cassius Clay"! Comes with photo of Ali signing photo (no COA can assure such absolute authenticity!) $350 SOLD
Signed  8x10 famous photo standing over Listin. SIGNED twice as Ali and "Cassius Clay".  Awesome!!!  $395
Signed 8x10 color photo. Nice pose inside ring, $125
Signed religious phamphlet, $25

Multi-Signed Items!!

DiMaggio & Williams - 11x14 Signed vintage photo, $495
DiMaggio & William's - 8x10 Beautiful 1949 All Star Game photo, Signed by both young stars, soon to be legends!!,  $495
Mantle & Williams - 8x10 photo Signed by both, $395
Boston Bruins - Stunning Bruins jacket signed by three Bruins legends!! INcluding Orr!!


Sports Related Movie Posters

"Safe at Home" - 1961 classic with Mickey and Roger Maris, lobby cards
"The Joe Louis Story" - 1953, vintage story of the legendary boxer. Title card, $250
"Rawhide" - 1938 - VERY RARE Lou Gehrig   ORIGINAL ONE SHEET!
"aka Cassius Clay" - 1970, Muhammad Ali documentary movie with "the Champ" himself. Complete lobby card set!!,  RARE!
"The Greatest" - 1977, Muhammad Ali, complete lobby cad set.
"That Touch of Mink" - 1962, great scene with Mantle and Maris in the dugout.  $150
"The Pride of the Yankees - 1949, Stunning, RARE lobby card with Cooper and Babe Ruth, MUST SEE!!
"Alias the Champ" - 1949, Vintage professional wrestling movie poster starring Gorgeous George!!, RARE!  $250
"The Fighting Marine" - 1926 - Gene Tunney original Hand-made movie poster, VERY RARE!! One-of-a-kind!!
Take Me Out to the Ballgame - 1949,  Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly original Window Card.

All Autographs come with Letter of Authenticity and are Guaranteed for Life!!