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For the past 35 years we have found the most desirable, original vintage movie posters memorabilia, western movie posters, Star Wars Movie Posters, Rare celebrity autographs, and Fine Art Oil Paintings.  Each week we add many "choice" items to our museum quality inventory.  Last year we completed our NEW e-commerce site, Conway's Vintage Treasures which has MUCH MORE updated material.   Be sure to check the New Products link on our new site

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WHY you should NEVER buy Presidential Autographs as "clipped signatures".

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this site is no longer "actively" selling autographs & 
movie posters.  We are now an educational site for collectors

Please visit our NEW web site which has over 5000 rare authentic celebrity autographs & vintage movie posters, mostly from the vintage Hollywood . historical and sports era.  This site will now be dedicated to educating collectors of autographs, vintage movie posters & movie memorabilia, sports memorabilia and fine art.

Auctions Highlights for 2015:
1). Walt Disney Signed Photo $6500
2). Beatles Autographs $14000
3). Frankenstein one sheet movie poster $385,000
4). Marilyn Monroe signed photo $31,000

Caveat Emptor:
We provide examples of  autograph forgery and fraudulent activity. But, in the end it is up to you, the buyer to do your “homework”.  Read our special report to avoid being scammed online. And, particularly with autographs, KNOW the person you are collecting. Be knowledgably on their signature.  Unfortunately eBay’s enforcement against fraudulent sellers has been sporadic at best over my past 10 years on eBay.  They provide a “fraudulent seller” reporting mechanism but appear to be doing little to nothing recently against several blatant offenders that have been reported to them.

See our article Ten Warning Signs a Dealer May Be Selling Autograph Forgeries

1). The autograph forgery business continues to thrive on eBay
     - Long time seller continues to post Charles Schulz autographed sketch forgeries
     - One seller has dual signatures of very famous and valuable movie star autographs, on   
        a single sheet of paper and several others with very similar look and feel, all blatant   
2). For vintage movie posters the concern is primarily "condition". Often collectors are dismayed when they receive posters that have defects not mentioned in the auction or web site.  Ask for better images and request the seller to take a second look at the piece and provides specific details on any flaws or damage.



Autograph Find of the Week: Check out this rare find of all Marx Brothers signatures

History of Vintage Movie Posters 

Original vintage movie posters and movie memorabilia were never meant to be collectibles in the old days. They were only to be loaned to theatre owners and then returned thereafter.  Vintage movie posters even have a studio notation on the bottom stating “Property of National Screen Service Licensed for Display Purposed Only, Must Be Returned”.   Before the monopolization of the movie theatre industry, move posters were also used throughout the community to promote upcoming films. The barber shop, drug store and local hardware store displayed movie poster “inserts” and “window cards”.  Today, only the “one sheet” movie poster is produced and displayed in the theatre lobbies.

In 1933, one of the darkest years of the Great Depression, a theater owner might receive a 15-cent credit for returning a movie poster to his regional exchange. Compare this figure with the cost of a gallon of gas (18 cents) or a loaf of bread (12 cents) and it’s easy to understand why very few movie posters survived from this period.  If the austerity of the times and the frugality of theater owners was not enough to keep movie posters out of the hands of the general public, the sweeping paper drives of the war years also did their part to help keep movie memorabilia out of general circulation. So it’s no surprise that movie posters from the years of 1930 through 1945 are quite scarce.

In fact, it is estimated that fewer than 20 copies of movie posters exist from most films made during the period of 1930 through 1945.  For many landmark films of the era (e.g., “The Grapes of Wrath”, “Stagecoach”, “The Wizard of Oz”, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, “Fury”, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”,) it is believed that less than a dozen examples have survived of any particular poster.

Over the years original vintage movie posters have been produced in various shapes and sizes.  Before the 1980’s and the demise of the small town movie theatres (as a result of the monopolization of the industry by companies like Showcase cinemas) also meant the extinction of all the breath-taking movie posters such as the lobby cards, window cards, insert, half sheets and the traffic-stopping 3, 6 and 24 sheets. The primary movie poster that survives today is the standard one sheet.  Below is a glossary of the most popular vintage movie posters that once played a major role in the promotion and exhilarating anticipation of upcoming movie events.

Horror movie posters and lobby cards from the 1930s and 40s continue to be in very high demand. We are currently seeking any horror titles from 1930 to 1955. In particular Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, Creature from Black Lagoon and 50's Sci Fi's like Day the Earth Stood Still. 

Over 25,000 Autographs, Vintage Movie Posters, Original Antique Oil Paintings, Sports Memorabilia Treasures and Antique Collectibles. Be sure to check out our NEW SITE, with MUCH MORE Vintage, Rare inventory!  

Our movie posters category takes you back as early as the 1920's, long before the theater industry became monopolized. Back when the movie poster lobby cards were used to promote the best scenes, when the barber shop, drug store and local hardware store where all part of the movie promotion by displaying movie poster inserts and window cards. 

Original classic movie posters - Authentic movie sports celebrity presidential autographs - Abstract, Landscape ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS  

Some of our Antique Collectibles & Memorabilia Categories include:
Three Stooges * Abbott & Costello * Baseball
Sports Autographs * Superman & Batman Posters * Ronald Reagan * Bela Lugosi & Boris Karloff * Batman * Original cartoon art * Alfred Hitchcock * Wizard of Oz * Frank Sinatra * Presidential autographs * Rare vintage movie memorabilia Horror Movie Posters * Vintage Antique Toys * Judy Garland * John Wayne * Celebrity & political related memorabilia * Star Wars Movie Posters * Beatles * Vintage Fine Art Paintings * RARE Vintage Baseball & Sports Memorabilia * Rare Antique Collectibles


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Autographs, vintage movie posters, vintage sports memorabilia and premium fine art oil paintings have been our passion over 20 years. Our inventory includes some of the most remarkable and rare, original classic movie posters & authentic sports baseball presidential autographs you will find anywhere. And, now ORIGINAL VINTAGE FINE ART PAINTINGS. Including Original Fine Art Oil Paintings, Landscape Oil Paintings, Abstract Paintings, Flower Paintings.  

Just ACQUIRED - Autographs Collection of RARE Historical and Vintage Hollywood. Vintage Movie Posters and 18th/19th Century Fine Art Paintings

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Brief History of Original Vintage Movie Posters:

Over the years original vintage movie posters have been produced in various shapes and sizes.  Before the 1980’s and the demise of the small town movie theatres (as a result of the monopolization of the industry by companies like Showcase cinemas) also meant the extinction of all the breath-taking movie posters such as the lobby cards, window cards, insert, half sheets and the traffic-stopping 3, 6 and 24 sheets. The primary movie poster that survives today is the standard one sheet.  Below is a glossary of the most popular vintage movie posters that once played a major role in the promotion and exhilarating anticipation of upcoming movie events.

Lobby Card Movie Posters:

Lobby cards were used in U.S. theaters and are rarely produced for today’s films. These small movie posters (11”x14 printed on card stock) were generally produced in sets of eight, although the number of cards in a set can vary from as few as four to as many as 16.

These mini movie posters were designed for display in a theater’s lobby for the purpose of luring movie goers into the theater by showing highlights from the movie. A lobby card set entailed one Title Card (TC), a lobby card of usually designed similar to the one sheet with credits and feature/close-up artwork of the major stars, and seven Scene Cards (SC), each depicting a different scene from the movie.

Lobby Card movie posters appeared during the early 1900’s during the Charlie Chaplin era.

Certain lobby cards have acquired an almost Holy Grail status among collectors. Prime examples include the “Witch” scene from the 1949 re-release of the Wizard of Oz and the lobby card featuring the dust cropper scene in “North by Northwest”. Because these single cards so effectively capture the essence of the movie, their value can often be completely out of proportion with that of any other movie poster memorabilia from the film.

Window Card and Insert Movie Posters:

Highly collectible vintage movie posters today also include Widow Cards (14x22”) and Inserts (14x36”). These movie poster styles were primarily used to promote the movie in local businesses, such as the drug store and local barber shop. As with lobby cads these movie posters are often very desirable due to their superior vintage graphics and artwork.  Modern day posters generated by computer have lost their artistic value as compared to the vintage movie posters created by highly skilled artists.  

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A friendly caution to all our fellow Collectors. It appears that the internet auction sites have become a safe haven for massive sellers of autograph forgeries.  Before buying an autograph on for example Ebay, ask questions  about the item, i.e. what is the seller's credentials, does he/she have a web site or a store front, where did he/she acquire the autograph and is it guaranteed to pass PSA (or reputable expert) inspection.  And does he/she guaranteed the item for life and how would you contact them in the event it fails authentication.   Also, examine his other auctions and notice if there is a suspicious trend such as MULTIPLE Charles Schulz signed drawing that have an uncanny pattern to them, or fountain pen signatures that don't have an aged look to them. But, don't let this unfortunate reality deter you from the excitement of collecting such rare and historical memorabilia. Just use extra caution and research when making purchases online. A rare autograph of presidents, famous movie stars, and sport legends along with beautiful movie poster art from the greatest movies are a very rewarding, not to mention exciting, investment. We have also started to tap into the immense popularity of vintage toys, particularly 50's/60's TV show theme toys.  This week we are featuring RARE Original Vintage Beatles one sheets from "Hard Days Night", "Help" and "Yellow Submarine".

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From authentic, celebrity autographs to original classic movie posters to 50's/60's television collectibles you are sure to find many treasures which would make your guests and customers drool with envy.  Most of us would never remember a piece of traditional art on display in the home or office, but do you think your guests would forget a framed autograph from Abraham Lincoln,  Marilyn Monroe or a sport celebrity? Many of our customers ask us how we acquire these incredible, rare collectibles.   Well, we have been searching the planet for the most rare and desirable memorabilia such as vintage horror and comedy movie posters and extraordinary celebrity autographs for the past twenty years.   So go to our main categories below and look at some of these museum like treasures. And, be sure to     as we get new material in from all over the world everyday. Don't wait and be a disappointed customer who has to hear those dreadful words, "sorry, it's sold".

And, don't forget to check out our Treasure of the Month - this week it's the "Wizard" himself Frank Morgan.  A stunning vintage autographed photo.

* Bela Lugosi SIGNED 8x10 as "Dracula - May be the most SPECTACULAR Lugosi    or Horror signed Treasure on the market today!  With incredible provenance of how   and where it was acquired in the early 1950's
* John Wayne's 1925 High School Yearbook!
* Frank Sinatra signed 1962 postcard and he adds to the woman he writes to "Want to Come Fly With Me"!

NO WHERE ELSE will you EVER find the RARE and VALUABLE Treasures we offer!


Treasure of the Month

Abraham Lincoln SIGNED Presidential Appointment - 1864


Marciano_Boxing_tkt_small.jpg (18605 bytes)

Rocky Marciano vs Jersey Joe Walcot -
Original unused ticket from 1953

Our autographs are guaranteed authentic for life

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***Three Stooges Original ONE SHEET from 1940 ***


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