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Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest, 1959 Original Vintage Movie Poster one sheet Cary Grant

Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest, 1959 Original Vintage Movie Poster one sheet Cary Grant

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Original Classic Alfred Hitchcock Cary Grant Movie Posters Film Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale

Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest, 1959
Original Vintage Movie Poster one sheet
Starring Cary Grant



Some Vintage Movie Posters are more than just Cinematic History and highly desirable collectibles.   Some are simply masterpieces to be proudly displayed in any upscale home décor environment. 

On certain occasions movie posters created for a film’s re-release command greater demand then the original release posters. There are probably few examples better than this incredibly beautiful one sheet for the 1966 re-release of the Hitchcock classic “North by Northwest”. This vintage Hollywood poster masterpiece has it all, Hitchcock on Mt Rushmore, Cary Grant’s historical “crop-duster scene”, and the masterful artwork.
Furthermore, it is a highly scarce poster. For every ten of the 1959 one sheets, you might see one of these 1966 re-releases. .A truly historical and museum worthy treasure. An incredible find for the ultimate collector to be exhibited in the exclusive home or office. Hitchcock himself would have been proud to own this gem!   

NOTE:  Has beeng professionally linen backed and looks Amazing!

Note: The value of this Masterpiece Art poster has skyrocketed in the past few years!

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North by Northwest (MGM, R-1966). Excellent condition on Linen. One Sheet (27" X 41").
In one of director Alfred Hitchcock's greatest films, Cary Grant portrays the "everyday man" who unwittingly gets involved with a group of spies trying to kill him. The original posters for the film were fairly bland which was corrected with this clever reissue campaign. On the reissue posters, the crop-duster sequence is shown and Hitchcock, who was notorious for appearing in all of his films, also appears twice on this poster. He has become as big a star as Grant and appears on Mount Rushmore alongside the four Presidents. The posters for this reissue are far more desirable and valuable than the original. Co-starring with Grant are Eva Marie Saint, James Mason and Leo G. Carroll as the spymaster. 

Cary Grant plays a middle-aged advertising executive who's accidentally mistaken for a government agent and is pursued across the country as he tries to fend off foreign spies. This reissue poster is often preferred by collectors over the original one sheet and it features Hitchcock twice.

Superior to the original release version, this one sheet captures the thrills of yet another Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece. A collector favorite, the poster features the highly memorable scene of Cary Grant at the mercy of a menacing crop duster as he races for his life across the States. Hitch makes an appearance in profile on Mount Rushmore, and again in the bottom right corner. Has been professionally linen backed.  

Note: Cvtreasures stamp not on original poster

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