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Jack Nicholson Authentic Autographed Signed Photo Beckett Certified "The Departed"

Jack Nicholson Authentic Autographed Signed Photo Beckett Certified "The Departed"

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Jack Nicholson
Authentic Autograph Signed Photo - as Frank Costello, "The Departed"

Beckett Certified Authentic 




Stunning Authentically Autographed Jack Nicholson 8x10” photo posing as Frank Costello for the 2006 film "The Departed".
In gorgeous bold blue ink on light background resulting in perfect contrast to his signature !   A Gem!

*Certified Authentic by the leading autograph authentication service Beckett and comes with Beckett Full Letter of Authenticity 

NOTE: If you’ve searched online, you may have seen one of our competitors selling this same photo, Beckett certified, for $5100!  So, we may be way under priced and soon will adjust pricing set by the intense market

* See enlargeable images 

How many times have we ALL experienced something we bought years ago for say $200, that today sells for $5000?
And of course we recite the same story in our heads,  “If I only knew I would have bought 100 of them !”.  But , of course hindsight just torments us for something we can no longer change.   In the 1990s a Michael Jackson PSA certified signed photo was about $150.  Today its twenty times that!

Over the past 6-12 months we have seen that EXACT same thing happen with Jack Nicholson photos.   When I did a search for PSA or Beckett signed photos they are selling for up to $4000!  Hence, you don’t have to be a nuclear scientist to comprehend that Jack Nicholson Certified PSA or Beckett signed photos are skyrocketing!

Whether consumers have concluded that Jack Nicholson will do down as the greatest actor of the late 20th and early 21st century or fans are responding to his retirement and advanced age (will be 85 in April) the market has certainly spoken with a surge in demand and value for Authentic Certified Jack Nicholson Autographed treasures. 

Note: Jack Nicholson is a typical A-List Hollywood celebrity that appears to NOT sign mail autograph requests and instead employs a secretary to sign his fan mail.   This seems evident in the significant difference in his In-person and mail autographs.  Up until about ten years ago, Jack Nicholson was a fairly approachable in-person autograph signer.   But, no more.    And to make matters worse, the demand for Jack Nicholson Authentic Certified Signed Photos has surged!   If you want to see WHY he doesn't sign anymore, watch this VIDEO

The vast majority of A-List  Celebrities employ autograph signers.   (which makes sense as they have better things to do then sign hundreds of mail request autographs every day).     Hence, the market is flooded with mostly secretarial or outright Nicholson forgeries.   Which is WHY its imperative to ONLY Invest in Professionally Certified Authentic Jack Nicholson  Autographs. 

So we are excited for the first time in about five years to have acquired Two extraordinary Authentic Jack Nicholson Signed photos in character from two of his most famous movie roles.   And certified Authentic by the leading autograph authentication service Beckett.   (Note:  The Two Top former PSA Authenticators moved to Beckett about 5 years ago. Hence our preference is always Beckett COAs). 

Color satin-finish 8 x 10 photo of Jack Nicholson as Frank Costello from the Oscar-winning 2006 film The Departed, signed in black felt tip. In fine condition.

* See enlargeable images above and below 

Guaranteed Authentic for Life
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Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original 

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