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Wolf Man Original Vintage Horror Lobby Card Movie Poster Lon Chaney

Wolf Man Original Vintage Horror Lobby Card Movie Poster Lon Chaney

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Original vintage Horror Sci Fi Wolf Man movie posters classic memorabilia collectibles for sale


The Wolf Man, 1941
Original Vintage Horror Lobby Card Movie Poster
Starring Lon Chaney Jr.



Here it is!    The horror movie lobby card I've waited 37 years to own!  And my personal favorite of the classic horror genre!  "The Wolf Man".   This 1948 re-release lobby card has Simply a breathtaking image of Chaney as the iconic monster as Evelyn Ankers faints in the arms of the transformed Lon Chaney Jr..  What more needs to be said?  A MUST have for the vintage horror movie lover!  A gem of a find!   And a First for us in our 40 years collecting! 

Condition:  Two small tears are relegated to theright and bottom border, not encroaching into the image.   Ankers has a small stuff on her red dress.  But, other than that just border staples holes with small vintage staple stains that actually adds a nice layer of Theater used authenticity you like to see on these Original lobby cards.   Spectacular colors and graphics in the best card of the set ! 

The Wolf Man (Realart/Film Classics, R-1948). Lobby Card (11" X 14").

Lon Chaney Jr. gets ready to put the bite on Evelyn Ankers in this classic scene from Universal's monster chiller. The film was incredibly popular when it was released in 1941 and Universal eventually re-released the picture in 1948. This #5 lobby card is considered the best card of the set is as you can see  is simply GORGEOUS!   Many collectors consider this 1948 re-release to be superior to the 1941 release with brighter colors and contrast..  The same 1941 lobby card sold in 2013 for nearly $10,000.   Very Good-Excellent condition with just a couple tiny insignificant tear, staple marks and light smudes on border.  Stunning image area remains gorgeous and withoiut flaws. 

* See enlargeable images above and below 

Universal Studios was in dire financial troubles by the early 1940s and though their wish was to remove themselves from the horror film cycle, wiser heads prevailed. They had made a pocketful of money with the franchise and they realized it was their only surefire money maker. Thus they needed a new horror star and Lon Chaney Jr. had proven himself up to the task. This film would become a big hit for the studio and revived the horror cycle for another ten years. Starring not only Chaney but Claude Rains, Bela Lugosi and Warren William, the film is a masterwork of eerie cinematography and a wonderful musical score. 

Although Universal was unsure about the American public's desire for horror movies following the attack on Pearl Harbor, The Wolf Man became a top grossing film for the studio in 1942. The card in this lot is the best scene card in the set of eight for this well-loved picture. Evelyn Ankers faints in the arms of the transformed Lon Chaney Jr., who has become the Wolf Man. What most fans don't know is that Chaney's makeup took six hours to apply and three to remove!

 Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original lobby card

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